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"Time spent on hiring is time well spent."

— Robert Half

So much is changing in the professional world. From advancements in technology to a growing cultural awareness to the dependence on remote and agile work structures, the way we do business has forever shifted.

But there is one thing that will never change, no matter what the digital and physical worlds throw at us, and that is the need for great people.

Nexus Human Resources is an independent recruitment and people management agency specializing in partnering the right talent with the right companies.

With a wide network of both applicants and employers around the world, Nexus HR is your link to finding your perfect employment solution. 


B a c k g r o u n d

Nexus Human Resources is a full-service recruitment agency and HR consultancy that specializes in partnering great people with great companies. Built on the core competencies of people management and digitalization, we believe that strategic HR and staffing are the engine behind corporate transformation, and work to optimize those fundamentals to help companies and candidates alike find their way to a new work reality.

Founded and headquartered in Germany, Nexus HR operates on a global scale. That means working with an international roster of companies seeking new employees. It means working with an international roster of candidates seeking new employers. And it means facilitating international recruitment to seamlessly integrate the right candidate with the right company, no matter where they each are located.

At Nexus, we believe in relationships. We invest in our own relationships, whether with our employees or our clients, and we invest on developing strong relationships between candidates and companies. Recruitment is a personal business - how many connections we make doesn't matter to us if they don't lead to a fruitful, symbiotic relationship.

That's why at Nexus, we put the needs of our clients above all else, and work to find the best fit for your needs.

F i e l d s   o f   e x p e r t i s e

Nexus HR

Nexus HR has enabled over 700 recruitment pairings around the world and in a number of fields.

While we are able to assist in headhunting and job coaching for many industries, our specialties are recruitment and work placement for construction, shipping, engineering, security and maintenance jobs.

These sectors often require specific hard skills that we are incredibly adept at spotting, and our deep understanding of these industries give us the right perspective to make ideal job placements. 

O u r   p e o p l e

At Nexus HR, we practice what we preach, and have therefore cultivated our own passionate team of experienced recruitment and HR professionals.

Our skilled and diverse staff provide services at the highest-degree, demonstrating dedication and professionalism at every turn, and working daily to find the best solutions to our clients' challenges.

In addition to our sharp headhunters and recruitment agents, we work with employment coaches, legal consultants, and many more to provide the most comprehensive service possible.

Nexus also works with consultants and advisors around the world, giving us a wider reach into finding the right candidate no matter where they are located. These recruitment specialists have more localized connections that expands our talent database on a global level. 

Nexus HR

What sets us apart?

Nexus Human resources offers its clients a unique approach to recruitment and HR management through several factors that sets us apart from the rest: 

G l o b a l   a c c e s s

Nexus HR

This doesn't just mean that we have an international roster of both candidates and employers - though we do, and it's extensive, and helps us make incredibly accurate recruitment matches.

What's really special about Nexus is our keen understanding of coordinating global employment. If the right employee for a certain company is located on the other side of the world, we will help coordinate any bureaucratic (i.e. employment visas) or logistical (i.e. relocation) needs.

There should not be any limit to finding the ideal employment match, especially not geographic, and Nexus helps ensure that there isn't.  

T e c h n o l o g y

We at Nexus HR have a thirst for new technology, especially those that facilitate recruitment.

From web crawling to virtual interviewing, we stay on top of any advancements that help keep our service efficient and effective for our clients.

With a finger on the latest tech developments, we're truly able to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the best recruitment experience.

Nexus HR

F u l l   s e r v i c e   a p p r o a c h

Nexus HR

Nexus HR is far more than just a recruitment service. It is not enough for us to simply match the right people with one another.

We are equally dedicated to job seekers as we are to employee seekers. For every candidate search we run, we're also providing candidate coaching, working with applicants on refining their resumes and interview skills.

We help with contract negotiations, employee onboarding, relocation logistics, and so much more so that any employment matches are executed and on boarded seamlessly.

Find people

Nexus HR is dedicated to helping companies around the world find the best candidates for your job vacancies.

Our global pool of recruitment specialists and HR consultants have both the interpersonal network and the digital know-how to tap into an impressive roster of local and global talent.

Nexus primarily works with clients in the fields of construction, shipping, engineering, security, and maintenance, sharpening our perspective and ability to identify employees with specific skill sets. We also have a strong hold on the newest technological advances for recruitment and HR management, further widening our selection of candidates.

Whether you're looking for permanent staff, independent contractors, or to fill a temporary position, Nexus will help you find the best person for the job - and then handle the hiring, negotiation and onboarding processes according to your needs

Some of our services on behalf of companies seeking new employees include:
  • Job description and posting
  • Local and international job marketing (including creating company profile)
  • Global candidate sourcing and headhunting
  • Candidate screening and short listing
  • Interview scheduling and feedback/ consultations (includes onsite, offsite and virtual interviews)
  • Talent mapping and consulting
  •  Salary and benefits benchmarking
  • Offer extension and contract negotiation
  •  International employment solutions (payroll, relocation, etc.)
  • and much more!

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Find jobs

Nexus HR is dedicated to helping talented candidates find jobs where they can truly thrive.

Our coaches and consultants will not only help identify potential job opportunities for your consideration, but will also help you prepare for the interview process in order to present yourself as best as possible.

Once we successfully help you find a new role, we'll still be by your side to handle any negotiations, as well as bureaucratic and legal needs for overseas employment.

At Nexus HR, you and your career are in the very best of hands.

Some of our services on behalf of candidates seeking employment include:

  • Career consulting
  • Interview coaching
  • Resume writing
  • Job search and application management
  • Negotiation consulting
  • Employment relocation services
  • Interview coordination
  •  Constructive feedback and advice
  • and much more!

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